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Hello Everyone! I am Hunter! 

Imagine being able to freeze, relive, and create moments of happiness in time forever. That is my superpower. I get to wake up every morning knowing that I get to provide beautiful memories and photographs for  families to cherish for  years and generations to come.

I love capturing the moments. Those tiny, little moments that without me would be lost forever in time. The “In-Betweens” is what I call them. These In-Betweens expose your true connection to one another, your personality, your lifestyle, and your individuality. These are the things that create your extraordinary story.

I could not ask for a better purpose in life. As I continue to grow in my industry, my passion continues to deepen and expand to places I never saw possible before. I hope I get to share my passion and dream with you soon by preserving your  memories! 


Below you can learn more about me and have the opportunity to contact me!  


I am a coffee drinker by heart, hot tea drinker by reality! There are not many times that you will see me without a cup of hot tea in my hand!


I am engaged to an AMAZING man and we are getting married in April 2020!


I am both a dog mom and a crazy cat lady. In total we currently have 4 fur-babies! Yes, we are insane. Thank you for asking.


When in college I first focused on neurology and have held 3 different human brains! (All in the name of science of course!) 


I love to travel. Every year growing up in my family summer vacations were always top priority. My current goal for traveling is to visit EVERY state in the United States and to have photos of my journey. 


On weekends when I am not shooting weddings or family sessions, you can often find me in my craft room making magic happen! I absolutely LOVE creating new things and seeing my imagination come to life! I make everything from mugs to t-shirts to paintings to tables!


I am addicted to being outdoors! I love hiking, camping, and kayaking! Every year we get both of our families together for a HUGE annual camping trip near July 4th!


By night I am a craft beer lover! One of my FAVORITE craft beers  is Mills River Brewery ESB based out of Arden, NC. If you ever have a chance, TRY IT! The ESB is only seasonal! However, I do recommend all other beers they carry as well!


I have dedicated over 800 hours to non-profit organizations located both in North Carolina and South Carolina! I have worked with under privileged children, starving communities, cancer warriors, and preserving natural habitats.  I plan to always continue giving my time, work, and attention to local non-profit organizations.


Lastly, I created my photography business with one idea in mind: Making others relive beautiful memories for the rest of their lives by exposing their unique extraordinary story through each photograph. If I fail at this, then I have failed both as a photographer and a business owner. I refuse to fail. 



I cannot wait to get the chance to meet and get to know you!



 ​​​​​​With Love, 

Hunter Elizabeth










10 Facts About Hunter

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The story of my art is shown through style and creativity within the photograph. Your story is shown through movement, expression, and creation of the moment. It takes a true artist to expose the natural essence of the uniqueness and delicacy of your story.


It would be my honor to help you unmask your extraordinary story through my photography. Let us reveal and share your next story.

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